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But Stay Awake.


Clara Ware has served in the political sector for a number of years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout her career. However, the first thing her friends and family will tell you is that she has never forgotten where she came from or who she’s been fighting for. Committed to change in our world, Clara has set her standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached. Please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Ambition is Clara!

Clara is a very high-spirited practical person, whose very much a people person. When she sets her mind on it, she wont stop until it is finished properly.


Roles. Achievements. Accomplishments.

Community Engagement and Outreach: 

  • Member of the Women of District 67, Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Association.

  • Freedom School Community Advocate and Volunteer.

  • Take Action Minnesota (Photo I.D Amendment).

  • Obama Campaign.

  • Community Action-Civic Engagement (You Be the Change Class).

  • District 1 Community Council Advisory Committee.

  • Cross-Cultural Dialogue Groups- Police & Youth-Parks & Community Members, NAACP Peace Circles, Youth Ambassador Training.

  • Your Vote is Your Voice Project- Community Organizing Around Voter Education for District 1 Community Council.

  • Recruiter Specialist for Black Arts Movement Organization, 30,000 Feet, Concern Parents of ANEW BAM and Truth Preparatory Academy Charter School.


  • Metropolitan State University: Trained with Renew for Campaign Manager, Parent Academy, Youth Ambassador Training, Registration Judge.

  • Leadership Role and Member of the African American Student Association.

  • Women Empowered Student Organization.

  • Recipient of various Leadership Perseverance and Student Senate Awards and Scholarships.

  • Chair of the Child Care Committee

  • Textbook Advisory Committee.

  • Student Center Committee and the Commencement Committee.

  • Leadership Award for District 1 Council.


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